About Gapi Coin

GAPI COIN cryptocurrency It aims to be an alternative to the banking system in many sectors (Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Technology).

You can safely transfer any kind of money without the need for high transaction fees. In the globalizing world, the change and development needs of humanity are observed and the company continues to be the leader in the business world.

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Problem: Central System

Commencing Trading Wars and Dangerous Games of Major
Global Economic Crises
Limiting Interventions of Countries

Solution: Decentralized System

The policies of the countries are not binding.
Does not affect by economic crises.
There is no center. No country can intervene.

Problem: Central System

Insecurity of Business World
Money supply and difficulty of the transfer process
Among people discrimination / quota experience

Solution: Decentralized System

Introducing the Smart Digital Contract to the Business World
Safe transfer of payments within seconds
Open and transparent design

Road Map


Coin Base Ethereum Blockchain
Total Supply 500.000.000 GAPi
Tradable Exchange Exrates

Contaract Address


Important :Don't send Ethereum to contract address

Why Gapi Coin?

    We take our success from our trust.  And we're always aware of that.
 In today's world, the rapidly developing blockchain market is changing with the new world financial system and we want to exist in an economic system and we will carry out our formations with all our strength in a healthy way.

    We would like to state that we are always face to face and shoulder to shoulder with our investors and customers.  We act with the awareness that problems will be solved quickly, and when the needs are delivered to the desired place at the right time.  And with all our warmth, we would like to state that we are behind our services that our investors and customers will provide 24/7.

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