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Gapi Coin cryptocurrency is a decentralized platform that conducts intelligent contracts: it aims to be an alternative to the banking system in many sectors (Agriculture, Energy, AI Technology, Communication, Banking and Insurance), especially in the construction sector. You can safely transfer any kind of money without the need for high transaction fees. In the globalizing world, the change and development needs of mankind are observed and the company continues to be the leader in the business world.

GAPI Coin is a protocol based on intelligent contracts and block chain technology that provides greater transparency and reliability in borrowing and lending. The protocol provides the link between senders and areas anywhere in the world, regardless of currency. GAPI aims to provide better conditions for both parties by reducing the cost of traditional banking brokerage and management fees and provide a better payment alternative than anything available today. Without an intermediary, GAPI aims to neutralize the risk of the transfer operator stopping payment and provide an alternative mechanism for the management of debt collection in the country of the borrower in the case of a borrower.

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