Our Core Values inform the basis of how we protect consumers while employing cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology. Part of protecting consumers is ensuring we leverage this technology in safe and responsible ways.

1. Consumer Control

All actions in the GAPI platform are user-directed. GAPI does not take custodial possession of consumer coins, keys or wallets. The GAPI Universal Wallet employs a unique technology that enables consumers to control their own wallets, coins and keys while providing a layer of security and protection. Additionally, we will never, ever sell or share our user information or private data.

2. Safety

Crypto is an unforgiving technology. If you type in the wrong address or forget a private key, your funds can be gone forever. While we can’t eliminate all of the safety issues in crypto, we can build a service that tilts the odds in favor of consumer protection through layers of protection, backup and encryption. Additionally, by not taking possession of funds, we safeguard against hacks and breaches.

3. Trust

GAPI was built on the trust early token participants had in our vision and our capacity to build a platform. As we grow, users will show even more trust by securing their keys, wallets and coins with the GAPI platform. We will need to trust (and verify) our users. Operating in a transparent and ethical fashion will build that trust.

4. Knowledge

Our founder is deeply knowledgeable in dozens of cryptocurrencies – their technical strengths, economics, fundamentals and risk profiles. By sharing the knowledge widely, we empower people – regardless of whether they use the GAPI platform or not. Education, learning and knowledge sharing is core to the GAPI brand. Additionally, we classify and curate coins and tokens in order to provide an additional layer of consumer protection and knowledge.

5. Community

Community is at the core of GAPI, and can continue to be a strength as we grow. By having brand advocates, people who believe in our mission and want to be part of it, we multiply the power and reach of GAPI thousands of times over. Every person who joins our community makes us stronger.

And Remember...

Additionally, we encourage consumers with the following advice:

1. Don’t place any funds into crypto that you can’t afford to lose.

2. Track and report your gains and pay your taxes (our platform can help with this).

3. Never, ever share your private keys. A GAPI employee will never ask you for this.


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