Gapi Coin And Agricultural Sector

It can be difficult to follow the production process step by step, and sometimes even manufacturers and retailers cannot be sure about the journey of a product. This is part of why food safety fears are so widespread: it's hard to watch where problems begin, almost impossible. However, integrating Blockchain into the food chain can mean that problems can be detected immediately.

As a result of our research and development as GAPI Coin, we will be able to benefit from Blockchain technology for the certification of agricultural products. We will use Blockchain technology to monitor the origins of agricultural products in the project, which aims at increasing the confidence in grain warehouses and spreading to more competitive markets.

Transparent sharing of data across the supply chain to buyers is one of the key issues that will create trust. This will ensure that if companies or Countries share data on the sources of cereals, confidence in their origin agricultural products will increase.

GAPI Coin aims to provide a new agricultural system to humanity by using its investments in this way in the most efficient way by predicting that a new generation of agriculture will be formed in the world with its laboratory studies. With the help of robot technology in the production of crops in the global world agriculture, increasing the efficiency of crops and maximizing the maintenance of the crops, there is a definite opinion that a serious change in agriculture has started and is inevitable. As GAPI, it aims to establish venture capital for all technology equipment to be used in agriculture and to be in the system of this change in technology.

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