Gapi Coin And Energy Sector

Blockchain offers high potential in the energy sector, such as increasing data security and security, smart contracts and developing business models that do not require third parties. In the future, with GAPI Coin, many applications, especially in the fields of electricity supply, production and distribution, will be possible to use blockchain for smart meter, smart home appliance applications, verification / control of assets, transactions and payments, carbon dioxide certificates.

Electronic products with Blockchain technology are preparing to make revolutionary changes in the usage habits of consumers. In the digital transformation of the energy sector, blockchain is preparing to enter into our lives with many creative solutions in addition to turning all handicaps of big data into functional benefits. If the transformation takes place with the envisaged acceleration, solutions that will radically change the agenda and habits in the field of electrification will not be delayed.


Unlike energy storage, electricity should be consumed as soon as it is produced; therefore, the generated electricity is sent directly to the transmission and distribution lines. The GAPI Coin aims to utilize the ability of the blockchain to be a bridge at this point, which facilitates renewable energy sharing solutions and also includes the inputs of electric vehicles and IoT applications.

GAPI will make the most efficient use of its investments in solar and wind energy, which are renewable energy resources in the world. It aims to bring wind and solar energy into its structure, which is easy to recycle. In this area, wind and solar energy is the most efficient and advantageous regions in the region is planning to produce the highest quality energy.

GAPI will have all kinds of equipment and sufficient staff to increase its investments in electricity generation from renewable energy sources. In this way, GAPI will implement the projects of reducing the serious costs that are always reflected to the consumer as the first priority. And it aims to be the pioneer of a brighter world.

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